Nude Celebz

by Family Photo

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At long last—Stereocure is thrilled to introduce our favorite assemblage of “dismantled pop” wizards, the indelible Family Photo. Last summer, the Sacramento-based band held a month-long residency at Top Tomato, a DIY venue and studio in Los Angeles that was run by the founding members of the Stereocure team. Much of Family Photo’s new EP was conceived and recorded right in front of our eyes during that period, and in many ways, Stereocure grew as an organization right alongside it: our relationship with the band is characterized as much by the music as it is by the group hikes and many bowls of ramen we shared during that magical time in Los Angeles. As indicated in the title and artwork for the EP, the city of Angels had a great impact upon a group of young musicians who were already fluent in so many musical languages besides their own; they collaborated intensely in the writing of the record, translating into sound their shared experiences of a place where superficiality and great natural beauty coexist in abundance. The resulting music is as virtuosic as it is simple, sarcastic as it is sincere, relentlessly experimental as it is rooted in great pop music. Don’t let the glammed-up dumbed-down title fool you: Nude Celebz reaches incredible depths, steeping our ears in familiar sounds before diving off the deep end into uncharted sonic territories.


released November 7, 2012

Family Photo is:

Derek Sup- Vox, Synth, Piano, Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel,
Zach Giberson- Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Alto Saxophone,
Baritone Saxophone, Flute,
Nathan Swedlow- Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass
Zach Darf- Vox, Electric Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Banjo,
Omnichord, Melodica
Jarrett Tracy- Auxiliary Percussion, Piccolo Snare, Cymbal

Additional Personnel:

Colin McDaniel plays drums on all tracks
Tiffany Wilson sings on all tracks
Scott Buchanan plays trumpet on Searchin’
Calvin Barthel plays trombone on Searchin’
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Giberson

Recorded at ArtHouse Live in Los Angeles, CA
Additional recording in Sacramento, CA, Boston, MA, Salem, OR, and Oberlin, OH.

Thanks to Adam Hirsch, Myles Emmons, Steve Becker, Wyatt Johnson and Gabe Kanegiser
Thanks to Rick Jones, Addison Schulberg, Charles Glanders, and especially, Tim Merle for recording assistance
Thanks to Anna Aronowitz and Ben Garfinkel for the cover art. Thanks to Tiffany Wilson for additional pictures.
Thank you to the Sup, Darf, Swedlow, Giberson, and Arellano-Cintrón families for our supporting L.A. trip.
Special thanks to Jordan Alper and Art House Live for giving us the space to play and record
Very special thanks to the Kanegisers, the Hirschs, and Grandma Debbie for putting us up while in L.A.

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Recorded and released through Stereocure



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