High Top Blazers

by Kuh-Lida

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“You have just heard another adventure into the unknown world of the future.” The opening moment of Kuh-Lida’s newest avant-pop undertaking thunders with the implication that something otherworldly has just happened, and is about to happen again. Whether in the realm of contemporary composition, pop songs, improvisation, or beats, the music of Myles Emmons never ceases to sound like an imagined future pulled out of thin air, blasting the listener with creative energy while whispering with tongue in cheek that it might all be a dream. The sense of a narrative taking place is especially present on his new offering under the Kuh-Lida brand: High Top Blazers, a collection of surreal beat experiments which, in Myles’ own words, explores his “fascination with the often reckless limits we can push ourselves to in pursuit of nightlife and parties.” The artist’s fixation on the draws and drudges of partying leads the listener through constantly changing musical landscape, mixing his own brand of production with hints of 80s R&B, Chicago footwork, swag-rap, boogie funk and beyond. The resulting music has the impression of a meticulously crafted sculpture that melts again and again into a neon stew of bass notes and bad decisions, swirling and hardening around a central figure that is going through a hell of a lot just to have a good time. Waxing and waning in a wilderness between musical indulgence and refinement, Kuh-Lida’s inebriated protagonist bounces with schizoid jump-cuts from spongy pop fantasies and visceral explosions of color. Obscure samples and vocal snippets pile high like beer bottles on a coffee table before getting flipped, chopped, and shattered in the wake of jittering drum breaks and glistening melodic overlays: the music belongs in smokey basements, flashy nightclubs, dusty cassette decks and concert halls alike. Wherever you are, Kuh-Lida offers these words of wisdom for your listening experience: “Hopefully what doesn’t kill us will make us wiser. Pour some drinks, light up, and bxxgie dxwn.


released February 19, 2013

Kuh-Lida is Myles Emmons

Many thanks to Jordan Alper, Adam Hirsch, Gabe Kanengiser, Andrew Monks, Charlie Abbott, Robben T. Muñoz, Olivia Smaniotto, Tom Kearney, YPR, and all the artists, people, and places who've inspired these sounds.

Cover Art: Robben T. Muñoz
Cover Model: Olivia Smaniotto



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